Books by Agiliq

Django Admin Cookbook

Django admin cookbook is intermediate level book about doing things with Dajngo admin, written in a question and answer style.

Building APIs with Django and Django Rest Framework

Building APIs with Django and Django Rest Framework rewrites the beginner Django polls app to an API format using Django Rest Framework.

Building Multi Tenant Applications with Django

Building multi tenant applications with Django teaches how to build multi tenant apps and the various approaches to multi tenancy. In this book, you will rebuild the same app using the various methods to achieve multi-tenancy.

Software consulting Howto

A book about setting up and running a well oiled software consulting business. Written in 2011.

Visual Arts with Python

Let us make some beautiful things with Python.

Jounrneyman Python

Learn advanced Python by reading code of well engineered software.

Django Projects Cookbook

A Django book which teaches advanced Django concepts by building real Django projects.

Django Design Patterns

Django design patterns is a book about commonly occurring patterns and best practices in Django.

Django Gotchas

A book about common mistakes people make while programming with Django