4. How to do a NOT query in Django queryset?


If you are using django.contrib.auth, you will have a table called auth_user. It will have fields as username, first_name, last_name and more.

Say you want to fetch all users with id NOT < 5. You need a NOT operation.

Django provides two options.

  • exclude(<condition>)
  • filter(~Q(<condition>))

4.1. The query in detail

Our SQL query for the above condition will look something like

SELECT id, username, first_name, last_name, email FROM auth_user WHERE NOT id < 5;

Method 1 using exclude

Method 2 using Q() method

>>> from django.db.models import Q
>>> queryset = User.objects.filter(~Q(id__lt=5))
>>> queryst
<QuerySet [<User: Ritesh>, <User: Billy>, <User: Radha>, <User: sohan>, <User: Raghu>, <User: rishab>]>