1. How to find the query associated with a queryset?ΒΆ

Sometime you want to know how a Django ORM makes our queries execute or what is the corresponding SQL of the code you are writing. This is very strightforward. Youn can get str of any queryset.query to get the sql.

You have a model called Event. For getting all records, you will write something like Event.objects.all(), then do str(queryset.query)

>>> queryset = Event.objects.all()
>>> str(queryset.query)
SELECT "events_event"."id", "events_event"."epic_id",
    "events_event"."details", "events_event"."years_ago"
    FROM "events_event"

Example 2

>>> queryset = Event.objects.filter(years_ago__gt=5)
>>> str(queryset.query)
SELECT "events_event"."id", "events_event"."epic_id", "events_event"."details",
"events_event"."years_ago" FROM "events_event"
WHERE "events_event"."years_ago" > 5