Django Admin Cookbook is a book about doing things with Django admin. It is targeted towards intermediate Django developers, who have some experience with Django admin, but are looking to expand their knowledge of Django admin and achieve mastery of Django admin.

It takes the form of question and answers about common tasks you might do with Django admin. All the chapters are based on a common set of models, which you can read in detail here (Models used in this book). In short, we have two apps, events and entities. The models are

  • Events: Epic, Event, EventHero, EventVillain
  • Entities: Category, Origin, Hero, Villain

How to use this book

You can read this book either from start to end, or search for the things you need to do and only read those chapters. Each chapter focusses on a single, specific task.

In either case, you should read the entities/ and events/ first.